Toenail Tincture - Blue Poppy, 4 Fl Oz - 118 Ml

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Created by Li Yan-ping in the 1990s in China*, this tincture is commonly used to treat athlete’s foot and fungal infection. Its formula helps restore local loss of nourishment and moisture of the nails when damp turbidity and blood stasis cause the nails to thicken and turn a brownish, yellowish grey color.
*Based on precedents from "A Handbook of Traditional Chinese Dermatology" by Liang Jian-hui, and "A Study of Chinese External Medicine" (Zhong Yi Wai Ke Xue)

Rationale for Herbs Used in Formula
* Ku Shen, Da Huang, Di Fu Zi, Huang Bai, and Tu Fu Ling all clear heat and eliminate dampness, all are known to be anti-fungal, and all are important herbs for the treatment of mycotic dermatoses
* Chi Shao and Tu Bie Chong quicken the blood and free the flow of the net-work vessels.
* Vinegar is also a well-known anti-fungal medicinal that also quickens the blood.

To Use:
Wet a cotton ball and tape over the affected nail. Leave in place for 20-30 minutes. If possible, do two times per day. Cover this application with a finger cot or finger stool (purchased at a local drugstore) so that the medicinal tincture does not drip or get on clothes or bedding. Must be used long-term and consistently to get the desired result.