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Testimonials From Yelp

I am a trained MD and I am a Chinese. That probably means I am pickier than the average people when it comes down to Chinese acupuncture service. However, I am totally blown away by the excellent service that Josh and his associates (Kim and Alexa) have provided. I have some dark spots (melasma) on my cheeks ever since I had my son 2 years ago. I tried many different anti-dark spot skin  products, but none of them seemed work for me. I was about to turn to laser therapy before I called Josh for a consultation. He was so nice, friendly and most importantly,  his knowledge and experience convinced me to give a try. I have been treated ~20 times so far and my melasma has faded significantly. I am very happy with the result and will keep going back till it is all gone!

Hillary S

I went with a healthy bit of scepticism, but after meeting the acupunturists and having the process expained, I signed up for a 12 treatment package. Within three sessions, I began noticing a new firmness to my skin. At the end of the 12 treatments, my frown lines, crows feet and jowls were hardly noticable, to the point that people commented on it. There are complimentary services available at no extra cost, so I had treatments for my chronic insomnia. By the second treatment, I was sleeping like I hadn't slept in years.

Vickie M

I am SO IMPRESSED!!! This business is ran so efficiently and Josh is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to acupuncture.

I had no idea you could use this instead of Botox & fillers (which I am terrified of!) and just after two treatments, I've already noticed a difference in the fine lines around my eyes and the "worry lines" between my eyes ;-)

Chrissy M

I came in for a treatment and I am hooked. The benefits of acupuncture and cosmetics combined was just what I was looking for. I am strong on the holistic approach so this was right up my alley. As I reached the age of 30 this year , it was time for me to start taking preventative action to keep my face looking young! I often get mistaken for being in my mid 20's and I would like to keep it that way:)

Missy L

SD Cosmetic Acupuncture provides a wonderful experience from start to finish. From the call to set an appointment till the time you arrive the customer care is amazing. Josh did a wonderful job on my treatment and putting me at ease. I'm very excited to keep coming back and see more results! It already seems like I'm getting some tightening and smoothing in my skin. Very exciting!

Lisa K

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